1-on-1 Parent Support

Did you know we have staff dedicated to helping you address concerns around your child’s schooling?

We support parents in English and French across all 4 school boards in Ottawa!

Our Parent Advocate can support parents to meet a variety of challenges with their child’s school or school board. If you have questions, or want support in finding resources, or prepping for a school meeting, whatever it may be, P4D is here to help you navigate the school system and be the best advocate you can be for your child.

How We Can Support You

Some examples of situations we have helped with in the past:

~ Preparing for meetings with schools around program choice.
~ Writing letters for parents to request removing their children from the ALF program.
~ Strategizing options to escalate concerns within a school board.
~ Supporting parents, who have immigration document issues, to register their children at school. 
~ Connecting parents to people at the school board who can resolve their concern.
~ Understanding the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process.

Reach Out To Us

E-Mail: parent.support@parentsfordiversity.com