Advocating Each and Every Day with Parents for Diversity

Advocating Each and Every Day with Parents for Diversity | YouTube

Parents for Diversity (P4D) is a coalition of parents, educators, and allies dedicated to the idea that children of diverse backgrounds should benefit equitably from a joyful, rigorous, culturally responsive education in schools, free from discrimination. This video gives you an overview of Parents for Diversity and our work. We will introduce you to our NEW Parent Advocate, Bernadeth Betchi, and to the resources used in advocacy, our newly redesigned website, Diversity Library, Parent Toolkit, and more.

Who is P4D?

In 2016, four mothers came together to contemplate how we can encourage our children to think more critically about the world around them; and to celebrate the breadth of human experiences that defines each individual. Our children were experiencing racism and other forms of discrimination in their schools and we were disappointed by the response from their teachers on how to address these incidents. There is a need for a broader discussion and understanding about how racism and intolerance affect our children, but also hinder social progress.

Parents for Diversity approaches these discussions from the perspective of parents with lived experiences. Like many families, we are trying to raise our children in environments where they can thrive, regardless of their multiple identities. We want to inspire our children to learn about and embrace the unique identities of others. Sometimes schools have been supportive of us, but other times they have been a barrier. It is our experiences on the ground, in the schools, that inform our work.

We want children, parents and guardians, and the school system to understand that differences can bring us together. Parents for Diversity is committed to providing children, parents and guardians, and educators with the tools and resources to enable an open and informed discussion about diversity and inclusion in schools, as well as to address the challenges students face when they experience discrimination or bias.

Since then Parents for Diversity has grown and evolved and is now a fully incorporated non-profit organization with a Board of Directors, employees, and volunteers committed to ensuring every child’s right to an education free from discrimination. We advocate for schools, families, and communities to promote equity and inclusive education and to take meaningful steps to protect human rights for all by:

  • raising awareness about the implications of racism, intolerance, and discrimination in the education system on all members of society
  • developing workshops, materials and resources for families and schools
  • supporting caregivers and families to advocate for children who experience discrimination or bias in schools
Check out the Parents for Diversity Parent Toolkit featuring six resources for parents, caregivers, and guardians.

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