Do you know all the women on the new Periodic Table of Canadian Women’s History?

When Isabela Ozamiz, the software developer behind the digital Periodic Table of Canadian Black History, realized International Women’s Day was coming, she hopped on a Zoom call with her girlfriends for some group research, laughs, and learning. With Nicholas Simard…

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Periodic table of Canadian Women's History

Does the n-word belong in the classroom?

To be called the n-word is an unfortunate yet inevitable rite of passage for Black children. Most of us can remember the first time it was called to us. I also remember the first time my child was called the…

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What does it look like to centre anti-racism in education amidst a viral pandemic?

The four Ottawa-area public school boards are in the process of transitioning students back to learning both in-person and virtually, and as an organization committed to achieving inclusive and non-discriminatory learning environments that allow children to fulfill their true potential…

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Person with medium brown skin, dark brown natural curly hair wearing mask and backpack walking a bike down a city street

In Solidarity With Parents of Black Children and Allied Organizations

Parents for Diversity is an Ottawa-based group of parents, caregivers, and allies with varied lived experiences working to support parents and caregivers as they advocate for their children in educational spaces using an intersectional, anti-oppression lens.We recognize the pervasiveness of…

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circular logo of adults encircling children with the text Parents of Black Children
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