Caged in Chaos: A Dyspraxic Guide to Breaking Free

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Victoria Biggs


Victoria Biggs

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Winner of the NASEN & TES Special Educational Needs Children’s Book Award 2005Written by a teenage dyspraxic, this inspiring book is a unique practical guide for dyspraxics and those around them struggling and determined to get to grips with the social, physical, and psychological chaos caused by developmental co-ordination disorders (DCDs).In her own conversational style, Victoria Biggs discusses both the primary effects of her ‘learning difference’ – disorganization, clumsiness, and poor short-term memory – and the secondary difficulties she and other dyspraxics encounter, including bullying, low self-esteem, and loneliness. She offers down-to-earth advice on a wide range of issues, from body language, puberty, health, and hygiene to family life and social skills. Personal stories and ‘this-is-what-it’s-like-for-me’ accounts from other dyspraxic adolescents are also included. Her positive and practical approach and profound empathy with others in her situation make this book a must-read for dyspraxics, their parents, and other family members, and for professionals working with them.

Dyspraxia, Dyspraxics, Teenage Dyspraxics, Teenage Dyspraxia, Self-Esteem, Developmental Co-ordination Disorder, DCD

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Ages 12+ (grades 8 and up), Ages 9 to 12 (grades 4-7)
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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