Knees: The Mixed-Up World of a Boy with Dyslexia

Book cover for Knees by Vanita Oelschlager

Vanita Oelschlager


Joe Rossi

Book Summary

Knees shows the ups and downs of life with dyslexia. We have done this book in the style and size of a chapter book so that younger children and older children at low reading levels can read what seems to be an older child’s book.

We cover dyslexia’s symptoms and the reasons school can be hard for dyslexics. We talk about some famous people who had or have dyslexia. The book is endorsed by the head master of a school where many of the children have dyslexia. He has dyslexia himself.

Dyslexia, School, Learning Exceptionality, Learning Disability, Learning Challenges, Dyslexia Symptoms, Dyslexics

Age Range
Ages 0 to 3 (preschool), Ages 12+ (grades 8 and up), Ages 4 to 8 (grades K-3), Ages 9 to 12 (grades 4-7)
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