Max Loves Munecas

Book cover for Max Loves Munecas by Zetta Elliot

Zetta Elliot


Zetta Elliot

Book Summary

Max wants to visit a beautiful boutique that sells handmade dolls, but he worries that other children will tease him. When he finally finds the courage to enter the store, Max meets Senor Pepe who has been making dolls since he was a boy in Honduras. Senor Pepe shares his story with Max and reminds him that, “There is no shame in making something beautiful with your hands. Sewing is a skill–just like hitting a baseball or fixing a car.”

Dolls, Stereotypes, Afro-Latinx, Honduras, Latinx, Gender norms

Age Range
Ages 9 to 12 (grades 4-7)
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Gender Norms