Mixed Blessing: A Children’s Book About a Multi-Racial Family

Book cover for Mixed Blessing: A Children's Book About a Multi-Racial Family by Marsha Cosman

Marsha Cosman


Kyra Kendall

Book Summary

A young son discovers he does not have exactly the same skin colour as either parent. He questions this revelation and his parents explain using animals during a visit to the zoo. A candid look at children of mixed race and multiculturalism learning about their identity for the first time through a colourful illustrative story. The author uses her own experience to write this book about children questioning their appearance and acceptance in society. A fun learning book for any age which will aid in the prevention of bullying and the acceptance of differences.

Canadian, Racial Diversity; Biracial; Interracial; Multiracial; Biracial child; Interracial marriage; Multiracial family; Mixed race child

Age Range
Ages 4 to 8 (grades K-3)
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