My Brother Charlie

Book cover for My Brother Charlie by Ryan Peete and Holly Peete

Ryan Elizabeth Peete

Holly Robinson Peete


Shane Evans

Book Summary

Callie is very proud of her brother Charlie. He’s good at so many things — swimming, playing the piano, running fast. And Charlie has a special way with animals, especially their dog, Harriett. But sometimes Charlie gets very quiet. His words get locked inside him, and he seems far away. Then, when Callie and Charlie start to play, Charlie is back to laughing, holding hands, having fun. Charlie is like any other boy — except he has autism. In this story, told from a sister’s point of view, we meet a family whose oldest son teaches them important lessons about togetherness, hope, tolerance, and love.

“This title should have a place in most library collections.” — School Library Journal.

Disability, Autism, Siblings, Twins, Love

Age Range
Ages 9 to 12 (grades 4-7)
Book Category