My School Unicorn

Book cover for My School Unicorn by Willow Evans

Willow Evans


Tom Knight

Book Summary

It’s almost time for Evie to go to school, but thinking about it makes her feel nervous. Preschool was lots of fun, but big school sounds a little bit scary. When Evie gets ready for school, though, she makes a magical discovery. Hidden inside the pocket of her dress is Bobby—a tiny school unicorn! Bobby has a very important job—helping children feel brave when they go to school. With her new magical friend by her side, Evie soon learns that starting school is LOTS of fun! This magical tale of friendship will soothe your little one’s starting-school worries, and includes instructions on how to make your very own school unicorn!

First day of school, Anxiety

Age Range
Ages 4 to 8 (grades K-3)
Silver Dolphins Books
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