Sugar Falls: A Residential School Story

Book cover for Sugar Falls: A Residential School Story by David A. Robertson

David A. Robertson


Scott B. Henderson

Book Summary

Inspired by true events, this story of strength, family, and culture shares the awe-inspiring resilience of Elder Betty Ross.

Abandoned as a young child, Betsy is adopted into a loving family. A few short years later, at the age of 8, everything changes. Betsy is taken away to a residential school. There she is forced to endure abuse and indignity, but Betsy recalls the words her father spoke to her at Sugar Falls-words that give her the resilience, strength, and determination to survive.

Sugar Falls is based on the true story of Betty Ross, Elder from Cross Lake First Nation. We wish to acknowledge, with the utmost gratitude, Betty’s generosity in sharing her story. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Sugar Falls goes to support the bursary program for The Helen Betty Osborne Memorial Foundation.

Indigenous, First Nations, Residential School, Elder, True Story, Resilience, Bravery

Age Range
Ages 9 to 12 (grades 4-7)
HighWater Press
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