Vera McLuckie and the Daydream Club

Book cover for Vera McLuckie and the Daydream Club by Jane Evans

Jane Evans


Ruth Mutch

Book Summary

This book works on several levels. It is a lovely story in itself that most children will relate to, dealing as it does with lack of self-belief, peer pressure and the bullying that goes along with not necessarily being the most popular kid in class. These issues can be readily picked up in school and discussed in circle time and PSHE (citizenship) lessons.

But it goes deeper. Whilst not named in the book explicitly, the three main characters exhibit dyspraxic, dyslexic and autistic (Asperger’s Syndrome) tendencies respectively. So the story can be used by parents and teachers as a catalyst for discussing what it is like to have a learning difficulty. In schools, teachers can use the book on a one-to-one, group or class basis to help raise awareness and improve well-being.

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Dyspraxia, PSHE, Asperger’s, Asperger, Asperger Syndrome,

Age Range
Ages 12+ (grades 8 and up), Ages 4 to 8 (grades K-3), Ages 9 to 12 (grades 4-7)
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