Cheshire Moon


Nancy Butts


Book Summary

Miranda is deaf and her closest friend Timothy has disappeared at sea. Without him, communication is difficult, often embarrassing, sometimes impossible. Miranda is left alone, alienated, and unsure of herself. Thrown into the company of Boone, a neighbor who helps her aunt keep up the yard, Miranda struggles with her loyalty to Timothy and her desperate need for someone who accepts her on her own terms, as Timothy did. When she and Boone discover they are having the same dreams about a mysterious island and an even more mysterious presence, Miranda must choose between the ideal world Timothy represented and the confusion and pain of the hearing world, opening herself to the risky, awkward relationships that it offers.

Friendship, Family, Deaf, Hard of hearing, Novel

Age Range
Ages 12+ (grades 8 and up)
Front Street
Book Category
Deaf/Hard of Hearing