When Speaking Up Works!A Success Story (And How You Can Speak Up Too)

You may recall our blog post from a few weeks ago discussing how colouring worksheets can uphold bias, reinforce stereotypes, and erase racialized children from the curriculum. Here’s an update on what happened after speaking up about that worksheet. My child’s …
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Examples of women in sexy Halloween costumes

How to celebrate Halloween WITHOUT cultural appropriation or racist stereotypes

This week is Halloween, which means it is time to talk about costumes, racism, stereotypes, and cultural appropriation. We are using this week’s blog post to amplify some excellent voices that have spoken beautifully to this issue already.”Dressing up as …
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How kindergarten colouring worksheets uphold stereotypes and create bias (and what to do about it)

We are fortunate to live in a city where our school board offers French and English language instruction beginning in kindergarten. There are so many advantages to being multilingual, and I’m grateful that my daughter has access to this kind …
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