With A Purpose

Supporting Students Success

Parents for Diversity has created programs that are intended to equip and empower parents of school children from diverse backgrounds who are striving to advocate for educational environments and experiences that are life-affirming, equitable and effective. While it is hard as individuals to know everything there is to know to effectively advocate for our children, there is strength in our collective knowledge and experiences.

All parents hope for their children to be safe at school, treated fairly and respectfully by their teachers and peers, and seen as having the potential to be high-achieving individuals who have much to offer to society. Parents want their children to receive equitable educational opportunities, but they do not always feel confident that incidents of discrimination and bias, racism, anti-Black racism and anti-Indigeneity are being adequately addressed or that the system is responsive to their children’s needs. Many do not know how to effectively advocate for their children when faced with such obstacles and are met with resistance when they try. Irrespective of demographic differences or lived experiences, parents are often intimidated, dismissed and/or frustrated as they attempt to advocate for their children.

How Can We Support You?

Below you will find two unique programs for parents offered by Parents for Diversity.
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Our Parent Advocate

You will find someone here to listen, offer advice and support to you as a parent or caregiver in navigating an often complex education system. P4D has experience and connections in the English and French public and Catholic schools.  

Reach out and let our Parent Advocate support you as you seek to effectively advocate for your child’s needs in the school system.

The Parent 2 Parent Peer Advocates Training

This program is for parents of Black children who often feel alone in conflicts with schools regarding the treatment, educational progression and achievement gaps experienced by their children.  This training program will equip parents with an understanding of the school system and personnel, how anti-Black racism operates systemically, and will provide vital tools and experiential learning opportunities that will make program participants effective advocates for themselves and their peers.