Will You Join Us in Our Year-End Gratitude?

This will be our final blog post of 2019. Today, we are writing to thank you.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you for sharing your struggles, your needs, your fears, and your triumphs with us. Thank you for holding us accountable in our work. Thank you for pushing us to be the most compassionate and effective advocates that we can be.

We reflect on 2019 as being a year of triumphs, accomplishments, and a profound recognition of the magnitude of the work ahead. Oppressive systems, policies, procedures, and biases aren’t going to dismantle themselves. We are looking forward to spending the remainder of 2019 in rest and reflection, and preparing ourselves for the work ahead in 2020.

Thank you for joining us in both the rest and the work. We appreciate you.

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