Board of Directors

We advocate for children to have an education free from discrimination.

We are a passionate group of educators and parents dedicated to our mission. Learn more about our board of directors below.


Board Member

Sabrin is an educator and a children’s book lover. She strives to create a safe learning environment for her students through culturally responsive pedagogy. As a Registered Early Childhood Educator, Sabrin understands how important the early years are for a child to continue their love of learning. An immigrant to Canada at the age of seven and from a Muslim family, Sabrin strives to amplify the voices of underrepresented and historically marginalized groups of people.


Board Member

Kahmaria is the parent of two teenagers, a certified teacher, and Founder of Onyxstasia African Diaspora Productions. She is passionate about preserving African culture, particularly in the education system to create empathy, awareness and the self-actualization of all students.


Board Member

Marva is a parent of three children, a community activist, and an elementary school administrator. As a Black parent, educator, and former Equity Advisor, she has seen first hand the impact of barriers to learning and engagement as a result of systemic bias and inequity. She is deeply committed to promoting educational equity, advocating for inclusive learning environments for racialized and underserved students, and supporting traditionally marginalized communities to navigate schools.


Board Member

Ken is a school administrator who has been leading many school-based equity initiatives over the years. He is passionate about creating instructional practices that aim to impact teaching and student learning. Ken strives to build connections between community stakeholders and schools.


Board Member

Koko Bate Agborsangaya is a parent with children affiliated with the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE); Ottawa’s French Catholic school board. She is passionate about equity and committed to Parents for Diversity’s vision for an inclusive education system where all children can thrive and meet their full potential. With fifteen years of experience developing, implementing, and managing innovative scientific research programs, she is particularly fervent about Diversity in STEM.


Board Director

Alison is a parent, school administrator, and equity advocate. As a certified teacher, Alison has been leading equity initiatives throughout her career and personal life. She has consulted, created, and led equity-based programs within her school board along with spearheading the creation of their Equity and Inclusive Safe Schools Policy. Alison believes in culturally responsive and accessible education for all students to succeed.


Board Director

Mayelle Joachim-Hivert is a passionate educator with over 10 years of teaching experience. She has taught in various communities in the Greater Toronto Area and in Ottawa. Mayelle’s work is rooted in equity and the power of community. She strives to collaborate with organizations, professionals and dedicated individuals to support student well-being and success. As a Haitian immigrant, Mayelle is quite familiar with the opportunities and challenges faced by immigrants and members of the global majority. This is why Mayelle is an active member of several nonprofit organizations working to empower our communities.