I Am Tan

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Michele Rose


Michele Rose

Book Summary

There are white people, black people, brown people, red people and yellow people, but what about the people who are bi-racial or multi-racial? They may find that they do not fit so neatly into one of these basic colors.

This question of race and color leads one six-year-old boy named Christian, on a quest to seek answers. He asks his parents, kids at school and teachers what color they think he is, and what color he should say he is. As the day progresses, he hears stereotypes about race and color, but he also hears valuable information which helps him to embrace all of who he is. By the end of the day, he has learned to think outside of a black and white box.

Interracial, Parents, Family, Skin colour, Stereotypes

Age Range
Ages 4 to 8 (grades K-3)
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