Kamal’s Kes

Book cover for Kamal's Kes by Baljinder Kaur

Baljinder Kaur


Baljinder Kaur

Book Summary

Kamal’s Kes is a body-positive picture book, rooted in dismantling standards of beauty that harm the mental health of young persons. With such few representations of body hair in picture books, cultural conditioning sends the message of feeling ashamed of natural hair. This Own Voices story offers young girls an empowering choice when it comes to their developing body hair. Kamal will have to confront her deepest thoughts to reimagine what beautiful means to her.

Sikh Culture, Sikh Faith, Social Themes, Adolescence & Coming of Age, Emotions & Feelings, Depression & Mental Illness, Standards of Beauty, Body-Positivity, Sikh

Age Range
Ages 4 to 8 (grades K-3)
Saffron Press
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