The Pants Project

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Cat Clarke


Cat Clarke

Book Summary

A touching, humorous story of strong-willed eleven-year-old Liv, who is determined to challenge his school’s terrible dress code and change his life. Inspire empathy and compassion (and a few laughs!) in young readers with this stunning middle-grade novel.

“My name is Liv (Not Olivia)… I’m not technically a girl. I’m transgender. Which is a bit like being a Transformer. Only not quite as cool because I probably won’t get to save the world one day.”

Liv knows he was always meant to be a boy, but with his new school’s terrible dress code, he can’t even wear pants. Only skirts.

Operation: Pants Project begins! The only way for Liv to get what he wants is to go after it himself. But to Liv, this isn’t just a mission to change the policy-it’s a mission to change his life.

And that’s a pretty big deal. Perfect for parents, educators, and librarians looking for a book for young readers that:
Has a transgender main character with a humorous voice Is a hopeful, sweet story with a happily-ever-after ending
Will prompt discussions on gender identity, bullying, self-esteem, empathy, acceptance, and social justice.

A 2018 Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People selection Amelia Bloomer Project nominee
A 2020 Pacific Northwest Young Readers Choice Awards nominee

Bullying, Empathy, Social Justice, LGBTQ2S+, Courage, Identity, Inner Self, Confidence, Acceptance, Self Expression, Fashion, Family, Gender, Gender Identity, LGBTQ2S+, Self-Respect, Self-Esteem, Gender Inclusive, Gender Alliance, Gender Diversity, Our Body, Our Expression, Expression, Fluidity, Gender Exploration, Introduction to Gender for anyone, Gender Language, Clothing, Hobbies, Guide, Discussion points, Resource, Celebrating Gender Diversity

Age Range
Ages 12+ (grades 8 and up), Ages 4 to 8 (grades K-3), Ages 9 to 12 (grades 4-7)
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