Wild Mindfulness

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Laura Larson


Duli Sen

Book Summary

This picture book is meant to teach, guide and allow children (and adults!) to experience mindful moments through guided imagery and breathing techniques as they follow along a young girl and her adventures camping and exploring in the wild. As mindfulness is the intentional practice of experiencing the here and now without letting our thoughts or feelings interrupt, this book allows children to be fully immersed in the moment while bringing an awareness and calm to their body while they listen or read. They will have moments throughout the book to pause and be guided in a mindful moment as they learn about and practice mindfulness while incorporating themes of nature and wilderness. Each page is full of colorful and whimsical illustrations that invite readers to put themselves in the story and add to the mindfulness journey. Wild Mindfulness is great for kids of all ages and would be a perfect fit for any home, classroom or school library! This book also features an extended vocabulary definition page as well as a tip sheet for educators and parents to help incorporate moments of mindfulness into the day.

Mindfulness, Nature

Age Range
Ages 9 to 12 (grades 4-7)
‎ 978-0578468686
Laura Larson
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