Open Letter to Our Community

Dear Community,

We love you, we value you and all that matters to you – people, health, safety and support.

In this time of pandemic, we are focusing on how we can support our community and families. With the indefinite cancellation of schools, we are concerned about all students, particularly our most vulnerable students. We want all community members to have housing, food, water, healthcare, safety, and community. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing resources for vulnerable families. Our immediate focus is supporting local food banks, including the Ottawa Food Bank and the Parkdale Food Centre. Everyone has the right to available, accessible and adequate food, and we want to ensure that anyone who is food-insecure has the right to food in this time of crisis. 

We are calling for all members of our community who are able to donate money to these two food banks. Donating money is more effective than donating food, because food banks are able to use those funds for bulk purchasing and ensuring the most effective and efficient use of resources, especially during this period of social distancing. 

While social distancing is in effect, we want you to know that our innate need to be social can still be fulfilled with tools like social media and web conferencing applications.  Parents for Diversity will continue to share resources such as online support for mental health and well-being, inclusive education tools and how you can contribute as an ally or access to resources in support of equity for all.  

You can donate to the Parkdale Food Centre here.

You can donate to the Ottawa Food Bank here.

Thank you for supporting our community in this time of need.

With love and gratitude,

Parents for Diversity

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