Jake thinks the great challenge of his senior year will be for the wrestling championship. Then he begins having seizures that threaten everything he values. His wrestling career…his driving privileges…his relationship with his girlfriend…even his college scholarship. During one harrowing wrestling season, he has to re-invent his whole life.A powerful story with rare praise from …

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Sammy’s New Normal

Moving house is not fun, especially for a young girl that has to make new friends in her new middle school. Sammi face this situation with all her natural cheerfulness and is excited to attend to a Homecoming Football Game. However, in the middle of it, Sammi suffers a seizure, and a series of unexpected …

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Lucy’s First Disco

Lucy is excited. Lucy is happy. Tonight is the very first disco at her school and she’s been practicing her dancing for weeks. Everything goes well at the disco until Lucy suddenly has a seizure and is taken to hospital. When she returns to school, something wonderful happens. Everyone has a surprise for Lucy; the …

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